Project videos on this site

It is our policy to feature helpful videos and links - ours or yours - in the spirit of open source thinking, where everyone benefits by sharing.

Remember, any material contributed by you and published on our site belongs only to you.  This leaves you free should you choose to commercialize it. Our site is focussed on a better planet through wind and alternate power projects. We keep nothing, we charge nothing....our site depends only on our core business, and you.

DIY video clips to come (we will present them using YouTube):

- variable pitch wind turbine development - extreme conditions
- how to accurately balance a turbine rotor
- how to laser align blade pitch angle
- how to accurately measure alternator winding resistance
- permanent magnet alternator tutorial
- the ins and outs of a three phase rectifier
- charge controller tutorial
- battery charging behavior tutorial
- battery management tutorial
- how to use a power analyzer effectively

  These will take a little while to put together... but should be worth the wait