Project ideas on this site

It is our policy to feature helpful ideas and projects - ours or yours - in the spirit of open source thinking, where everyone benefits by sharing.

So, for example, when we highlight our own variable pitch mechanism, we are, in fact, publishing it in all its detail. By so doing, no one can patent it and close us down with our own concept, as it now constitutes published prior art.

Similarly, if anyone wishes to contribute their project ideas  on our site and be  published they will have the same advantage.

Remember simply, any material contributed by you and published on our site belongs only to you. This leaves you free should you choose to commercialize it.  Our site is focussed on a better planet through wind and alternate power projects. We keep nothing, we charge nothing....our site depends only on our core business and you.

Project ideas:

- initiate separate studies into injected small scale high efficiency HCCI engine
- build a self-erecting wind turbine which will slide up the tower pole into position
- build unconventional vertical axis turbines utilizing shrouding and positioning
- build  linear rooftop array of small wind turbines
- build a dual permanent magnet alternator (PMA) turbine using planetary gear to
   increase rotor speed
- build a multi-blade fixed pitch rotor for experimenting
- build a light beacon array with energy storage and flashing capability
- utilize inverters and isolators for effective battery management
- build a versatile tachometer
- build a simple precision meter for determining alternator winding resistance
- build a simple signal conditioning or output amplifier for collecting data

Useful calculations and considerations:
- design considerations and limitations in vertical axis wind turbines
- design considerations in building a variable pitch wind turbine
- design considerations regarding heat dissipation in PMA’s
- design considerations regarding wire size (ampacity) choices for PMA’s
- how to calculate tip-speed-ratio for a wind turbine
- how to calulcate Reynolds Number values
- how to understand what Reynolds Number values mean in the real world
- how to utilize voltage-to-voltage converters
- what things to consider when measuring wind speed
- how to effectively test your wind turbine

These will take a little bit longer to put together...but should be worth the wait