Precision 12V charge controller - APT

- developed here at APT for precision charge control applications (sun and wind)
- enables higher maintained battery charging efficiencies than any other method
- battery efficiencies otherwise usually degrade markedly after ‘normal’ charging
- our control algorithm is superior to pulse-width-modulation (PWM) techniques
  (because) it allows optimal hydrogen / oxygen recombination near full charge
- this results in significant battery life extension
- set point control performs within +/- 30 microvolts, (see following graph)
- full charge repeatability is within microvolts each cycle
- precision internal reference calibration
- battery temperature compensation probe available
- fully adjustable set points, for different battery types
- ultra low on-resistance MOSFET (0.009 ohms) output rated 72A, heat sunk
- very rugged and dependable
- our controller design relates to published work done at Sandia Labs for Optima
   Battery on optimal charge control algorithms and methods


Example of precision set point control


Example of multiple charge/discharge cycles


Performance testing of charge controller

- early in-house development and testing
- other units have been in the field for the past 4 years
- no failures


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